1. If you don't already have an account on Binance, create a Binance account here.

  2. Click in the top right on the human in a circle and then on "API Management"

  3. Click on Create API, choose for "System generated" and fill in a name (label) for your API key, eg: Mula

  4. You will now need to verify that it's your account by doing email verification, click on Send code te receive the email.
    Also enter your Google Authenticator authentication code if required.

  5. Next to the newly generated api key, click on "Edit restrictions"

  6. Tick following boxes to give access rights for trading:
    Enable reading
    Enable Spot & Margin Trading
    DO NOT tick the box near Enable Withdrawals

  7. Tick the box "Restrict access to trusted IPs only"

  8. Copy the IP's you find on mula.pro under add bot or edit exchange  and select Binance.

  9. Paste these IP's in the IP input field on Binance.

  10. Save the API key and copy both the API key and API secret.

  11. Enter these on Mula.pro when adding the key for Binance.

The bot should now be able to read and make trades on your Binance account.

Ps: make certain you have money in your trading wallet. The money in the futures wallet cannot be seen and used by the bot.