A Bitvavo API key is a set of 2 codes (private and public api keys) that the bot uses to communicate with Bitvavo.

How do you make an API key?

1) Open https://bitvavo.com/ and log in to your Bitvavo account or create one.

2) Click on the top right on your name and choose for API

3) Click on the button "Request new API key"

4) Choose a new for your key, this is just for your own record. For example: WarriorTradingBot

5) Leave the IP field empty

6) Choose which rights the API key will have.
Make certain that "Trade digital currencies" and "View information" are active.
Disable "Withdraw currencies".

Next fill in the 2 factor authentication code generated by your phone to confirm it's you.
You will now receive the 2 keys, which you will need to enter on WarriorTradingBot.com under the "Add Bot" page.

Note: in order to be able to generate API keys, you need to first enable 2 Factor Authentication (2FA) for your Bitvavo account.