Note: we cannot access your money!
Our bot is placing trades on your exchange.
This gives you certainty that your money stays your money.
  1. Create an account on Mula.Pro and login
  2. Create an account on one of the following exchanges:
    Bitpanda Pro
    Huobi Pro

    Advice: do not use an exchange on which you are still making trades, this pollutes the results of our bots.
    You can create as many new exchange accounts as you want. We recommend a dedicated exchange account.
  3. Add money on this exchange if it's not there.
    Preferrably EUR or USD, as this has the best results with our bot.
  4. Add an API key on this exchange. Our bot needs at least following permissions:
    Add trades
    View balance
  5. Click on 'Add bot' inside Mula.Pro and add your API keys here.
  6. Next add fuel to your bot. The bot consumes this fuel while trading.
Note: It can take up to 24 hours before your bot starts running and you can see your first profits.