1.  If you don't have an account on Kucoin, create an account first.

  2. Make certain you have money on your Kucoin trading wallet, not on your main account.

  3. Click on the profile icon in the top right corner, from there click on "API management". A new screen will pop-up where you can create your Kucoin API v2 key.

  4. Give your API a name and a passphrase. Write down your passphrase, you will need to fill it in on our website when creating the bot.

  5. Give Read and Trading permissions. Make certain to keep withdrawal disabled.

  6. Goto mula.pro > Bot > "Add bot" or "Edit exchange" >Select KuCoin and copy the listed IP adresses.

  7. On KuCoin API page, select IP restriction "Yes" and fill in the ip's found on the previous step.
    Put a comma in between the individual ip addresses. Press Add and then Next.

  8. Complete the security verification steps on KuCoin.

  9. You will now get an API key and API secret. You will need to fill these in with the previous passphrase when creating/editing the bot on mula.pro.

  10. Go to the "Add bot" or "Edit Exchange" page on our website, select Kucoin as your exchange and fill in the api key, the api secret and the passphrase.