There could be several reasons why your bot is doing not that many trades.
We here go over some of the possible reasons.

  1. You don't have at least 1.000€/$ in value available for the bot to trade with.
    This means the bot will have to be more secure when placing trades, to make certain your bot doesn't get stuck.
    If you for instance only have 300€ to trade with and every trade is at least 20€, you can only open 15 positions.
    If you then trade with 12 coins, you cannot even open 2 trades for every coin. This is an indicator for the bot to not to take huge risks.

  2. The market has gone down a lot or gone up a lot recently.
    If in the last 2 weeks there has been a major increase or decrease in the market,
    the bot will be less likely to buy new positions.
    We mainly look at the 200 day average to initiate new trades.
    If there is a shock in the market, the 200 day average will become wider and the bot will be more carefull when placing new trades. This is a safeguard in order to prevent the bot from buying new positions in a market that's potentially unsafe to trade in.
    We know it's frustrating for you if there are temporarily less trades, but this is a very important safeguard to protect your money.

  3. You have other coins in your wallet. If you have other coins or bots running on the same exchange, then the bot thinks he has more money available than he really has. As such he could end up buying coins in a bigger size than he normally would do.

  4. In case of doubt: wait 48 hours and then open a support ticket if it hasn't improved.