The pro bot checks more frequently whether there is a perfect moment to buy and sell.
=> You will have a few more trades

The pro bot has a wider selection of coins available to choose from.

=> You can choose coins with more fluctuations to optimize your profit

How much money do you need in your exchange for the pro bot?

You need at least 10.000 EUR / USD.

This is because you are trading with more coins + there is a higher monthly cost, that you need to earn back.


Warrior Pro Bot

Max amount of supported coins


As many as your exchange supports

Max open positions


Trades every x minutes



Fee per successful trade



Monthly Fuel cost warrior bot



For this bot, we recommend a minimal wallet value of 10k equivalent in your basecoin.

Since you cannot manually prolong the pro bot in your dashboard, we can only activate it for en entire year.
In exchange you do get 1 month for free.
The price of the pro bot for a year is 549,95€, to be paid in fuel.
Make certain to put some extra fuel on top of that in your account, as the bot will consume it during trades.

The pro bot cannot yet be activated in the dashboard, only the support team can do it manually.
If you want it, you need to open a support ticket.