Good news.

Our bot never sells with loss.
Note: Sometimes the bot sees the market is dropping very fast (minor or major crash). He will then try to quickly sell at 0% profit.
You do however pay your exchange fees, so in practice you could lose a few cents in exchange fees.
This should occur very very rarely. When it does, you are better of then keeping the position open, because then you would have had more money stuck in negative positions,
money that cannot be used to make new trades and make new profit.

When a position is in red (loss), we keep the position open untill the position is in profit again.

Our average holding time of positions is 2 days, so our bot trades very fast with small profits to get you maximum results.

The Warrior Bot uses a trailing stop loss.
That means that after a certain percentage is hit, for exmple 1%, the stop loss will be activated.
This means he will not sell yet, but when the rate drops to for instance 0,8%, he could sell your position, to prevent further drops in your profit.
When the rate however goes up to 4%, you will keep going up.

At around 5% he will initate the take profit and will try to sell very quickly as soon as there is even a minor drop.

Conclusion: we try to never sell with loss. Our smart strategy tries to prevent loss and minimize the risk of open positions.